Sri Lanka is a small island formerly known as “Ceylon”, is one of the world’s largest tea producers. Tea from Sri Lanka is shipped to more than 145 countries. There are several different agro-climatic zones, each with its own climate characteristics, soil composition, the temperature and other factors affecting the taste of tea. This remarkable plantation of  “Ceylon Tea” is grown in pure natural surroundings located in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Ruhuna and Dimbula. Our Tea brands are processed with the finest tea leaves which are carefully handpicked preserving its natural richness with its everlasting quality.

Region of Kandy

The Kandy region is located in the central part of the island. Tea plantations are located on the slopes of the hills surrounding the ancient capital of Ceylon – the city of Kandy. It grows medium tea. Tea grades: Green tea



Region of Nuwara Eliya

The region of Nuwara Eliya is located at the foot of the highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka. Here there are the world’s tallest tea plantations. Tea grades: BOP



Region of Uva

The Uva region is located on the eastern slopes of the mountains. Plantations on the eastern side receive a maximum of sunlight, and the tops of the mountains protect them from the effects of dry and cold winds. Tea grades: PEKOE, FBOP, OP1.



Region of Ruhuna

Region Ruhunu (Ruhunu) – here at an altitude of 600 meters, low-mountain tea grows. The region is known for its specific soil features, due to which the tea leaf acquires a darker color, a stringency and a special taste. Tea grades: OPA, PEKOE, FBOP, OP1.



Region of Dimbula

Region Dimbula (Dumbula) – a tea valley in the west of the island. At an altitude of 2000 meters, there are plantations of high-altitude middle leaf tea. Tea grades: Green tea, FBOP.