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Sri Lanka is a small island formerly known as “Ceylon”, is one of the world’s largest tea producers. Tea from Sri Lanka is shipped to more than 145 countries. There are several different agro-climatic zones, each with its own climate characteristics, soil composition, the temperature and other factors affecting the taste of tea. This remarkable plantation of  “Ceylon Tea” is grown in pure natural surroundings located in  Nuwara Eliya, Uda Pussellawa, Dimbula, Uva, Kandy, Sabaragamuwa & Ruhuna.  

Our Tea brands are processed with the finest tea leaves which are carefully handpicked preserving its natural richness with its everlasting quality.


The region of Nuwara-Eliya is located at the foot of the highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka. Here there are the world’s tallest tea plantations. Plantations are located at an elevation of approx. 6000ft. above the sea level.


Uda-Pusselawa teas are high grown on plantations at and elevation of  5000ft.-6000ft. above the sea level.


The monsoon rains and the cold weather produce a range of teas from full bodied to light and delicate. Plantations are located at elevation of  5000ft.-6000ft. above the sea level.

Region UVA

The Uva teas have a truly unique flavour and are commonly used in many different blends. Plantations are located at eastern slopes and elevation of  2000ft.-4000ft. above the sea level.

Region Kandy

Kandy is an ancient capital of Ceylon. The tea plantations produce a full bodied tea. Estates are located at an elevation of approx. 2000ft. above the sea level.

Region Sabaragamuwa

Grown in the southern part of the island range from sea level to an elevation of 2500 ft. Situated in the southern grassland & through the world famous rain – forest of Sinharaja up to the southern foot hills of the central.

Region Ruhuna

The soil condition in Ruhuna gives the leaves blackness and imparts in the brew a strong and distinctive taste. This makes a perfect cup for those who like their tea thick and sweet with or without milk. Plantations are located from sea level up to 1500 ft.