Our Brands

"POLANTI"  Tea Brand

Climatic conditions of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) allow growing up-mountain, mid-mountain and low-mountain grades of tea. The tea leaves for the “POLANTI” brand is carefully picked up and processed by means of the most modern technologies, assuring to keep its richness in quality.

"LAKRUTI" Tea Brand

This remarkable plantation of  “Ceylon Tea” is grown in pure natural surroundings located in Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Ruhuna and Dimbula. “LAKRUTI” brand is processed with the finest tea leaves which are carefully handpicked preserving its natural richness with its everlasting quality.

"MAAGADHI" Tea Brand

Tea leaves for “MAAGADHI” brand collected by hand on the best tea estates of “Ceylon”. The sun and the mountain air, saturated with the aroma of exotic plants, give the tea a unique taste, a persistent aroma and a special brightness and color saturation. Thanks to its exceptional natural properties. Taste MAAGADHI-Tea, a wonderful tea for relaxation & pleasure.